Hi! I'm Junghyun "Hyoni" Yim and currently working as a game concept artist. 
One word that describes me is a multiplayer, yes I do the character and environment designs. However, I also create UI assets and have experience in 3D modeling / texturing, logo design, and OS support. Most importantly, I'm specialized in exploring a wide range of game visual styles from graphic to realistic. 
If you are interested in seeing more artworks, please go to CONTACT
Principal Concept Artist at Zynga (2017-presnet)

Game of Thrones Legends (In production) - Full concept art, UI art, official logo, style guide, OS support & update
Game of Thrones Slots (App/FB), 2019 - Concept art, web and social features, UI art
Tiny Royale (Snapchat), 2019 - Full concept art, style guide, OS support
Soccer Against Friends (FB), 2018 - Full concept art
Marathong (FB), 2018 - Full concept art, animation, style guide, OS support
Mini Golf: Putt Paradise (FB), 2018 - Concept art update
Block Party (FB), 2017 - Full concept art, animation, style guide
2D Concept Art Intern at Zynga (2016 fall)

Ski: Slope Slider (iMessage, FB) - Full concept art
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